• What is ED?

    ED Online Training Agency is an online platform where you can learn and talk about K-POP dance. Whereas K-POP, or Korean POP music, has gathered millions of fans around the globe, it is very hard to take K-POP related classes outside Korea. Also, although we can find lots of K-POP videos in various channels, learning from the top professionals is even harder. Here on ED, we provide 100% exclusive online classes taught by ORIGINAL choreographers and REAL K-POP idol trainers. Anyone who wish to learn more about K-POP is now able to easily learn K-POP choreographies in high quality anytime, anywhere.

  • Who are the instructors?

    Every class is directed by Jay Shim, the performance director of SM Ent. who made K-POP stars like TVXQ!, Girls' Generation, EXO and Red Velvet into what they are now. The original creators of K-POP choreographies, real idol group trainers, and dancers on the stage will become your trainer.
    Experience the training K-POP idols receive without even coming to Korea!

  • What can I learn?

    Our classes are the exact online version of systematic training process, which K-POP idols go through before and after debut.
    The classes are designed and taught by ORIGINAL creators of top K-POP idols' choreography. The classes include tutorials about skills and techniques, philosophy and motives of creating K-POP dances along with episodes of working with K-POP artists.
    With us, you can easily learn the latest K-POP choreographies with each move divided into counts. The original choreographers and trainers will share their expertise for you to not only learn their moves, but also bring the right feeling.
    We provide lectures for the main choreography as well as the formation and solo dance, which are essential in K-POP.

  • How can I train by online, not offline?

    The best K-POP trainers will lead the class with the exact curriculum used in K-POP idol training process.
    In ED <Be a KPOP Idol> membership, you don't simply 'watch' the videos online. Instead, you will be able to compare your moves with the trainers' in real time and get the same experience you can get offline.
    If you upload your practice videos to our community, the trainers will give you personalized feedback.
    We're more than just an online tutorial. Experience the top-notch training with us!

  • How is it different from Youtube tutorials?

    ED is not just an ordinary dance tutorial.
    It is an online training agency where you can learn with the exact same training process which real K-POP idols go through before and after their debut.
    You can also get an immersive training by comparing your moves with the trainers'.
    Experience the classes brought to you by real K-POP trainers.
    You will experience what Youtube cannot give you.

    Instructors of ED are field experts currently working very closely with top K-POP artists, and are the ones who contribute the most in K-POP artists' overall performance. Through ED, you can meet the 'TOP K-POP Makers,' and learn from them not only dance, but also their personal stories and the whole K-POP scene.

  • Can I interact with the trainers?

    ED Online KPOP Training Agency is made for the K-POP trainers to interact with K-POP fans over the world.
    If you post your practice video in our community, the trainers and other ED members will give you direct feedback.
    This is a chance you cannot get elsewhere. Don't miss the chance to post your videos and get your feedback!

  • Do I have to be in Korea to take this class?

    Not at all! ED is an online class. If you have your internet connection, you can learn with the best K-POP trainers in any country.

  • How can I contact you?

    We’re here to help.
    If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or through our official Facebook or Instagram messenge on the main page.
    E-mail Support Hours:
    24 hours / 7 days

  • Can beginners take classes?

    Of course! Our classes are designed to learn gradually, from beginner to K-POP Star level.
    We have rearranged choreographies for beginners, the original choreos, and formations. You will soon be able to dance like a K-POP star if you continue on with our step-by-step courses.
    You can even get feedback from real K-POP trainers by uploading your practice videos.
    It's not difficult at all. Challenge yourself with us!

  • What if I'm not interested in becoming K-POP idol?

    It's okay!
    We are here for everyone, including K-POP fans, people who want to do amazing cover dances, who want to be confident about themselves, and who are looking for some pastime at home!

  • Is it okay if I cannot speak Korean?

    Of course! Every class supports English subtitles.
    Just like you learn Korean language by listening to the lyrics, you can also learn how to talk in Korean like your favorite star by watching our videos!

  • What kind of courses do you provide? How often are they updated?

    Each month, new classes will be updated. That will give you more choice options and help you learn the most recent K-POP dances. New courses will teach you the newest songs of your favorite artists led by various choreographers.

  • Do I need special device for the videos?

    No, you don't. We support every internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, monitors and TV.

  • Can I download the videos?

    Sorry, but no. Currently we only provide streaming services only on our website in order to prevent copyrights infringement issues.

  • Do you really give a chance to audition? How can I apply?

    Yes. To the selective outstanding students, we provide offline audition opportunities here in Korea.
    If you record and upload your practice video to our training center, the trainers will select students with exceptional talent and contact them.
    For the selected students, we will cover related expenses including tickets and accomodations. Additionally, we will payback the full amount of previous payments for the students who are selected as an official trainee. You will be our pride!

  • Are there any classes other than dance?

    Currently we only provide choreography classes, which is the diamond of K-POP.
    We are planning to expand to other K-POP training criterias in the meantime. Please stay tuned for the updates!

About Classes

  • How long is one class?

    One class is 80 minutes long on average. It consists of 5 to 6 lessons.
    By joining our membership, you can watch and re-watch our course unlimited, any time.

  • How difficult is it?

    ED provides classes in every level, including choreographies rearranged for the beginners, original choreos, and formation.
    Are you new to K-POP dance? But don't worry! You will become a better dancer very soon if you follow our course step by step.
    Are you confident with your moves? Then compare your moves with the best choreographers and improve your weaknesses.

  • Is there a time limit for taking the course?

    Don't get rushed for time! You can take your course at your own pace.
    Within your membership subscription period, you have unlimited access to every course. You can always re-watch the courses you have already finished.

  • Why are there videos in vertical mode?

    Have you watched vertical fancams on Youtube? How was it?
    According to the K-POP experts, the vertical videos which show the whole body is the most appropriate content for your immersement.
    To give the most immersive training experience for all the future K-POP stars over the world, we decided to provide every class with vertical videos.

  • In what languages are subtitles available?

    For now, ED provides only English subtitles on each class.
    We apologize for this inconvenience. We hope to include more languages to our subtitle option in the future!

  • Can I go full screen vertically?

    Yes, you can, by switching your smartphoes or tablets into full screen mode. With PCs and laptops, adjust your monitor settings into vertical mode.

  • Can I adjust the quality of videos?

    Every video supports definitions up to 4K.
    You can adjust the video quality by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of the video player. Click "Quality" and select from the quality options that pop up.

    You can also Select "Auto" to have the site manage the quality based on your internet speed.


  • What membership options are there?

    There are two kinds of memberships, <Experience KPOP> Membership and <Be a KPOP Idol> Membership. By joining <Experience KPOP > membership, you can have unlimited access to all the ED classes and our community with only $19.9/month. By joining <Be a KPOP Idol> membership, in addition to every benefit of ED Membership, you can have access to our training center. You can choose either of them based on your affordable price range and needs.

  • When does the membership begin? On the purchase day, or the day to watch the first video?

    The membership begins on the day of purchase.
    If you purchased our membership on January 10, and watched the first video on January 20, the start date would still be January 10.

  • What is <Be a KPOP Idol> Membership?

    The <Be a KPOP Idol> membership is ED's exclusive training system where you can experience offline K-POP dance studio at online.
    K-POP idols train themselves by watching their instructors on the mirror. We wanted to provide the exact same experience.
    In the <Be a KPOP Idol> membership, you can compare your moves with the trainers' moves on one screen, enabling you to correct your moves instantly and follow the instructions better.

  • Isn't $99 too expensive for <Be a KPOP Idol> Membership?

    As a foreigner, you have to pay more than $40,000 in order to get idol training in Korea (including training fees and stay expenses). Even if you can afford it, the chances to become an idol trainee is very narrow.
    In ED <Be a KPOP Idol> Membership, we made our courses based on real KPOP training process and curriculum. We provide the same best training opportunity that you can get anytime, anywhere with the lowest price.

  • How can I get feedback from the trainers?

    By recording your practice video in the training center and posting it to our community, you can get feedback from the instructors and fellow ED members!
    This is a chance you cannot get elsewhere. Don't miss the chance to post your videos and get your feedback!


  • What is the community for?

    K-POP is more fun when you are together with others!
    ED community is the place where you can share your thoughts and lives, and where all the K-POP lovers communicate and improve with each other.
    In our community, feel free to share your thoughts on ED classes, give feedback to each other's practice videos!

  • Can I use it without paying?

    Yes. Anyone can have access to community without payment by simply singning up.
    But, in order to post or get feedback, you need to join ED membership.


  • What are the payment options?

    We accept payment through international credit/debit cards.
    As a substitute, we support paypal. In order to proceed with Paypal, please use the below link.

    Please be noted, as we may need some time to add your account in our database, it may need up to 24 hours for you to log in.

  • In what currency should I pay?

    All our classes can be purchased with US dollars.

  • How can I get a refund?

    We hope all our classes satisfy your needs to discover K-POP. But in case you are not satisfied with our classes, you will be able to cancel your registration at any time after the payment has been made. In case of your withdrawal, unused portions of the payment made for our service may be refunded. Refunds are not available for accounts which have violated the terms of service or abused our refund policy; violations are determined at East-D's sole discretion. To request a refund, please contact support@easterndistricts.com.

    For more details about our Refund Policy, please refer to Refund Policy section on our Terms of Service.